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September kind of sucked until the end. The third weekend I went to stay with Grace in her new townhouse in Bristol so we could see First Aid Kit. The date change from Sunday to Friday led to a lot of grief with my shifts being changed without me being told but the concert was worth it. They went off mic two times and sang by themselves, which was so intimate that it brought tears to my eyes. The second time was when they did Emmylou and invited the audience to sing along. Magic! Grace's townhouse is smart but the parking is terrible. I like it but I am not sure if it's worth the rent they ask, which they only ask because it's in Clifton, the posh part of Bristol.

I went on holiday to Canterbury with the family for my birthday. It was wonderful being back in Kent again. We stayed in a house in Whitstable which had three double bedrooms (one of which had a dormer roof so that was mine) and an enormous kitchen. Mum, Dad and I ate fish and chips on Friday evening (since sister and brother-in-law weren't going to arrive until 9pm) after happily wandering around Canterbury for the afternoon. Then we all wandered around Canterbury again on Saturday and actually found a restaurant in Whitstable that could seat us that evening. H and D had been recommended a restaurant by someone who came from Whitstable but they had not informed us of this until we were actually there, so of course, we didn't end up eating there as the restaurant was fully booked. And then we went to The Sportsman on Sunday, of course. I had been especially looking forward to D's reaction and he was very pleased (if D had enough money and capital, he would be a chef).

Cheltenham Literary Festival Part One )

Monday, I didn't have anything so I just relaxed and went into Gloucester to sell some DVDs and donate some books to charity. I'm trying to declutter. It's not easy as I get very attached to possessions but I did make nearly £20 off the DVDs so that's something.

Cheltenham Literary Festival Day Two )

Days three and four coming soon!
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I'm sorry that it's been over a month since I posted in this thing. July was actually a busy month. I got my new car (well, second hand, it used to be my mum's) and spent a week getting used to it and driving around. I had the whole week off so I was able to do this without worrying about work. Unfortunately I managed to rear-end someone on the second day of driving it. Fortunately, it was only a small bump and the man I hit was a gentleman. I drove my friend R to see Stonehenge (so she could say she'd seen it) and then we went to Avebury, a first for both of us. Avebury is a lovely little village and the stones are amazing. Because we went during the heatwave, they provided shade and they were cool to the touch and it felt like leaning against them was okay, it felt like they were old friends. (Well, they are old!)

I drove all the way to Canterbury, which was nerve-wracking because it involved at least three M roads (major motorways) but we made it there in one piece, even if we were almost two hours later than planned due to horrible traffic. The owner of the B&B was gobsmacked that I'd managed to get a reservation at The Sportsman, huffing that he'd never managed to book a table for himself or for any of his guests.

"Are you someone special? Is she someone special?" he demanded.

Maybe I am? :)

I drove R to The Sportsman with an unplanned but pretty detour to Whitstable on the way (Seasalter is not well sign-posted). I gorged myself on bread and rock oysters (not at the same time) so I didn't have enough room for my main, which I still regret, because it was roast chicken with lemon truffle sauce and potatoes and it was utterly delicious. I did have enough room for my dessert though (jasmine tea junket) because priorities. I showed R around Canterbury, around the cathedral, and we saw The World's End, which is hilarious and highly recommended. (We also saw Pacific Rim and if you have not seen that, get thee to a cinema.)

I miss Canterbury so much. I had a pain in my chest on my last morning that refused to go away. Only the anxiety of driving all the way back on my own was able to vanquish it. I miss Canterbury and I want to go back there, not just for a visit but forever.
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So now I'm back in Gloucester after a glorious week travelling, seeing friends, and basically being reminded of who I am and what I'm good at. I know I haven't posted since last Sunday: that's mainly because this week hasn't been full of 'events' like last weekend. It was just about me revisiting Canterbury, seeing what had changed, seeing if there was anything left for me there. The answer is yes, there's still so much left in Canterbury (despite the fact that my two favourite bookshops closed down, leaving me with two Waterstones). When I was there, it was like I had never been away. Even walking to the shop and back during the anime soc break to get some nibbles felt so familiar and right. And the glorious views of the cathedral and the happiness of walking down the backstreets and the reminder that I do speak good Spanish... it leaves this bittersweet ache in my heart that no other place can create. It was also good to spend time with a person who knows me and is completely on my wavelength. I've known C ever since she was born, because our parents all knew each other when they were growing up, but since she's three years younger than me, I never realised until now just how similar we were (she is a Libra, though).

I did have a letter from J.K. Rowling waiting for me when I got back, though. Not a personal one, but a response to that filk I sent back in September. So that made me smile a little bit.

Work tomorrow. *sigh*
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First of all:

Happy Belated Birthday to my dear [ profile] amamama!

We haven't known each other that long but you've been a great comfort to me in many ways and I always know when I see a comment from you that there will be wise, soothing words for me to read and savour.

Secondly, I'm off on holiday! Not to foreign climes, but just travelling around dear old England. I shall be off to London on Saturday morning (I'm catching the 7:10am coach, to be precise) to meet up with [ profile] dogstar101 and then spend Saturday and some of Sunday with her. Hopefully I shall also see my friend Pid and then on Monday afternoon, I'm off to Canterbury!

I heard cathedral bells tripping down the alleyways...

When I started this LJ, I'd already left Canterbury, but I've never forgotten it. I've missed it so much in the three years I've been away that just the thought of being back there makes my heart skip.

I need to be with people who are on my wavelength. I was just talking to one of the girls I sit with today. She doesn't find Mock the Week funny. Enough said. (There are clips on YouTube for those who haven't seen it.)

Man, I really need to download this song.


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