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Just got back from a week in Cyprus with the family, which was lovely but had very limited internet access so will be catching up on entries and commenting today and tomorrow. Aside from a three hour delay on the outward flight(!) due to poor weather conditions and then debris on the runway (caused by an Airbus CRACKING THE TARMAC according to Twitter), we all had a good time. Madeleine behaved so well, honestly could not have asked for more from her, she was so sunny and happy despite the change in time zone and the heat. I don't think my sister will suggest going there in June again, haha.


Sep. 18th, 2008 12:30 pm
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In case you wondered where I'd gone, I'm now in Cyprus, staying in a villa with my parents. It is 30C here (which is early 90sF) and I am quietly melting but the weather is gorgeous and I'm having loads of fun revisiting my early memories. (The last time I came to Cyprus, I was twelve years old. It's become a lot more touristy since then but the old Cyprus is still here if you look. We went to the Famagusta Taverna last night, which does the biggest pork chops you have EVER seen. I had seftalia (which is spicy Cypriot sausage) and saved two to have today for lunch!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] mrstater, sorry I missed it, was travelling!

Just a little update to let you know where I am. Comment away but I might not get back to you right away as the villa doesn't have internet.


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