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Happy Birthday to my old friend [ profile] ashtur!

Your Disney character is Tramp from Lady and the Tramp!

You desire freedom. You don't trust authority since it's let you down in the past. As a result, you make your own rules and live your own life. Fortunately, your wit and finesse get you out of danger. You attract relationships that provide you with stability. Beneath your tough exterior is a protective and demonstrative partner.

Magical Gifts: Tramp gives you the gifts of courage, resiliency and allure. He shows you how to use these talents to better your life and the lives of those around you.

Keys To Your Success: Letting love, instead of luck, keep you safe.
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Happy Birthday to my friends [ profile] dhoney and [ profile] amynotpond!

Your Disney character is Tony from Lady and the Tramp!

You are a loving person. You enjoy every moment of your life. Self-assured, you impress others with your big heart and ability to make them feel important. You're a master of your craft and liberally share the results of your work with everyone. You're a sincere, romantic, and entertaining person whose efforts give others poignant and lasting memories of time spent in your company.

Magical Gifts: Tony bestows the gifts of gregariousness, leadership, and imagination. With him as your guide, you will have many reasons to celebrate.

Keys To Your Success: Creating the right ambiance for love.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ada_kensington!

I hope you enjoy your birthday, especially as it's on a Saturday. :D

Your Disney character is Ray from The Princess and the Frog!

You follow your heart wherever it leads you. Others don't always understand your longings, but their doubts never dissuade you from your dreams. You're driven by a higher form of love, and your ideals carry you far. Your positive nature lifts the spirits of everyone around you and inspires you to believe in themselves. Gentle and wise, you help others open their hearts and find lasting happiness.

Magical Gifts: Ray brings the gifts of warmth, optimism, and imagination. He encourages you to utilise the power of love to make your wishes come true.

Keys To Your Success: Following the glimmer inside your heart.
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Belated Birthday Wishes to [ profile] ladywhisp!

Hope you had a lovely day!

Your Disney character is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!

You are determined to realise your ambitions and won't let anyone stand in your way. You were born with many advantages that can feel like disadvantages where you're operating out of duty. Attuned to aesthetics, you love beautiful things; but they don't entrance you. You are independent and remain unaffected by others' attempts to change you. When it comes to romance, anything less than true love won't do.

Magical Gifts: Jasmine bestows the gifts of courage, intelligence, and strength. She encourages you to be a free spirit and to think for yourself.

Keys To Your Success: Challenging outdated traditions to find your freedom.
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Belated Birthday Wishes to my friends [ profile] waterflu and [ profile] phoenixfyre13!
I hope you both had wonderful days!

Your Disney character is Hop Low from Fantasia!

Your showmanship emerges at a young age. Before your talents are fully developed, your achievements already captivate others. You seek out older and accomplished mentors to help develop your skills. Focused, you work diligently at becoming proficient in your trade, knowing exactly where you need to improve and what you must master to succeed. Others respect your efforts and surround you with positive reinforcement.

Magical Gifts: Hop Low bestows the gifts of patience, aptitude, and physical agility. With his help, you can reach your goals and take your place at centre stage.

Keys To Your Success: Finding your own rhythm.
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Belated Birthday Wishes to [ profile] sandrastarck and [ profile] divinemum!

Sandra, your Disney character is The Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

You have a calm and powerful presence that impacts the lives of others. You express yourself artistically through singing, speaking, or both. Either way, the sound of your voice captivates. You follow your heart in most things, and your loved ones can always depend on you to be there. Setbacks don't discourage you from attaining your goals because you know just what to do to further things along.

Magical Gifts: The Prince bestows the gifts of patience, confidence, and sensitivity. Ask for his help when you want to awaken your dreams.

Keys To Your Success: Knowing when to show up.

[ profile] divinemum, your Disney character is The Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

You have a heart bursting with competing desires. Your mind can be an unreliable judge casting harsh judgements on your worth and that of others. You understand the power of love by experiencing the effects your actions have on others. Luckily, the beautiful essence of who you are never dies; in time, it is liberated and allowed its full expression.

Magical Gifts: The Beast bestows the gifts of reflection, strength, and majesty. Call on him when you need help returning to your true nature.

Keys To Your Success: Allowing the one you love to come to you.
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Happy Belated Birthday to my friend [ profile] vbabe1!

Your Disney character is RC from Toy Story!

Those closest to you know that your actions speak louder than words. You have a significant effect on the lives of others and give everything you have to important matters. Although you feel most confident when in charge of a situation, you will let those you care about take the lead when they need to. Sensitive to your environment and the people in it, your best friends help you to stay on track.

Magical Gifts: RC brings you the gifts of liveliness, direction, and resilience. He'll show you the fastest route to attaining your desires.

Keys To Your Success: Taking time to rest and recharge your batteries.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] genesse!

You share the same birthday as JK Rowling and Harry Potter! XD

Your Disney character is Bridget from The Wild

You are self-aware and independent. You analyse your environment and notice the weaknesses. Pragmatic, you work cooperatively with others to remedy the situation. You value relationships, but only pursue those in which you are sincerely respected and valued. Sometimes you don't recognise your positive qualities and use humour to downplay them. You have a tough persona that lets others know you mean business; it earns you the admiration you desire.

Magical Gifts: Bridget brings you the gifts of elegance, perception, and common sense. She encourages you to stand tall and gracefully show your spots.

Keys To Your Success: Realising that love is right under your nose.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] charliechaplin2!

Your Disney character is Chicha from The Emperor's New Groove!

You live your life according to your values. You have the energy to handle numerous responsibilities in a thoughtful manner. Smart and clever, you see the slippery ambitions of others and skillfully beat them at their own game. You believe that each person deserves respect and appreciation. Feisty, you communicate your thoughts and feelings directly with humour and love.

Magical Gifts: Chicha bestows the gifts of self-confidence, awareness and capability. CAll on her whenever you need encouragement and support to stand up for yourself and your family.

Keys To Your Success: Loving yourself, your family and your life.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] eclecticmuse and [ profile] stars_fell!

Your Disney character is Mulan!

You make tough choices that affect your future place in society. You try your best to play the roles offered to you, but your personality is too powerful to be contained. Although you are respectful of and loving to those you care about, ultimately you must be true to yourself. You are intelligent, considerate, and full of life. Whatever you set out to achieve, you accomplish with dignity.

Magical Gifts: Mulan bestows the gifts of heroism, ingenuity, and devotion. When you're required to make a difficult decision, she will guide you to the admirable choice.

Keys To Your Success: Seeing your immeasurable worth every time you look in the mirror.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] baine/[ profile] candywings/[ profile] abackwardsstory!

Your Disney character is Mowgli from The Jungle Book!

You feel at home in nature and have an exceptional bond with animals. You prefer to do things your own way and at your pace. With your magnetic personality, making friends comes easily, but your agreeable nature sometimes makes you too trusting. Wise beyond your years, you have a lot to offer your family and your community. Animals willlingly befriend, nurture, and protect you.

Magical Gifts: Mowgli bestows the gifts of confidence, playfulness, and adaptability.

Keys To Your Success: Listening to advice and accepting when it's time to move forward.
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Happy Belated Birthday, [ profile] jediksten!

Your Disney character is Luigi from Cars!

You are pleased with who you are and where you come from. Your distinct tastes reveal the best of what your culture has to offer. Foreign places excite you, and you like to have a few good friends along to share in the experience. Filled with enthusiasm for life, you possess an amusing, childlike wonder that attracts people to you.

Magical Gifts: Luigi bestows the gifts of optimism, spontaneity, and a heart filled with tears of joy. He believes you should proudly tell everybody that you have what they want.

Keys To Your Success: Knowing what you favourite things are.
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Belated Birthday Wishes to [ profile] mullvaney! I hope you see this somehow.

Your Disney character is Geppetto from Pinocchio!

You focus your imagination on producing things that give others great joy. You are not materially driven. Instead, you perfect your craft for the pleasure and satisfaction it brings you. Because much of your artistic work is solitary, you form strong attachments to the finished produc. Many of your creations become people's prized possesions. You are kind and nurturing towards animals and people who need your guidance and attention.

Magical Gifts: Geppetto bestows the gifts of craftsmanship, dedication, and compassion. He teaches you to ask the universe to help make your dreams come true.

Keys To Your Success: Bringing your dreams to life.
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Belated Happy Birthday to my friends [ profile] ellorgast, [ profile] pineapple_sky and [ profile] katieowrites, who were all born on July 6!

Hope you all had a great time!

Your character is Perdita from 101 Dalmatians!

You follow the needs of your heart when making important decisions. You are perceptive and know instinctively how someone feels about you. You're capable of supervising large projects or groups of people, and others feel contented in your care. Although you're a worrier, once you commit yourself to a cause, you stick with it. Gentle and accepting, you attract those who can benefit most from your compassion.

Magical Gifts: Perdita gives you the gifs of devotion, kindheartedness, and wisdom. She will provide the energy and support needed to meet your most treasured obligations.

Keys To Your Success: Making room in your life for everyone who needs you.
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Belated Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you had a great day!

Your Disney character is: Andy Davis from the Toy Story films!<

You enjoy inventing and demonstrating your ideas. People provide you with the toys you need to bring your fantasies to life. Your loved ones look up to you, and you are considerate and fun to be around. When you're busy, the time you spend with them is limited. Even though you like new things, you still love what you already have.

Magical Gifts: Andy bestows the gifts of curiosity, enthusiasm, and loyalty. He encourages you to use your creative talents to make those you care about feel special.

Keys To Your Success: Filling your space with items that inspire you.
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Happy Birthday to my friends [ profile] helensheep and [ profile] bianca_fiore! I hope you're both having a great time, wherever you are. :)

Your Disney character is B.E.N. from Treasure Planet!

You are friendly and unique. You don't like being alone for long periods, so companionship is an essential component to your happiness. You have technical talents that are advantageous, and others recognise them before you do. Fiercely loyal and eager to please, you thrive when you can work as part of a team and your friends.

Magical Gifts: B.E.N. bestows the gifts of optimism, tenacity, and excitement. Whenever you feel distraught, ask him to help you recover the missing parts of yourself that will make you whole again.

Keys To Your Success: Being with people who value your company.
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Happy Birthday to my friend, [ profile] h311ybean!

Your Disney character is Gypsy from A Bug's Life!

You know how to dazzle others with your visual appearance. You've learned the secrets of creating illusions, and you keep that information to yourself. Intelligent and insightful, you aren't upset by the frenzied actions of others. You perform your duties calmly and effortlessly. Ingenious and brave, you apply your specialised talents to varied situations. Your presence alone makes others shine.

Magical Gifts: Gypsy bestows the gifts of mystery, loyalty, and practicality. She teaches you the transformational quality of artistic expression, especially through colour.

Keys To Your Success: Keeping your fans coming back for more.
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Happy Birthday to my friend, [ profile] miss_elisha!

Your Disney character is Flit from Pocahontas!

You feel the most comfortable following an established path. Even so, you often align yourself with those who do just the opposite. When your friends embark on daring adventures, you go along, watching ove and encouraging them to be careful. But it doesn't matter where you are; you lift the spirits of others just by being yourself.

Magical Gifts: Flit offers you the gifts of swiftness, joy, and a respect for tradition. When you're curious about what lies ahead, call on Flit to check it out for you.

Keys To Your Success: Protecting the natural order of life.
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Happy Birthday to my friend [ profile] margaret67! You share a birthday with Bob Dylan and Queen Victoria! I hope that you're enjoying your engagement. :D

Your Disney character is Allan-A-Dale from Robin Hood!

You are a chronicler. Many of the tales you tell convey a moral or spiritual message and immortalise past heroes and heroines. Then again, some of your stories are personal accounts of what you've witnessed firsthand. Spreading your message through art, music, or the written or spoken word, you present controversial ideas to the public. You are poetic, romantic, and political.

Magical Gifts: Allan-a-Dale gives you the gift of voice. He teaches you to express your outlook in a way that educates and entertains others.

Keys To Your Success: Making sure your observations are genuine.
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To my friend [ profile] be_my_constant!

I apologise for the lateness of this birthday post. I did actually have everything ready but first Photobucket wouldn't load and then LJ LOCKED ME OUT so I could not post it on your actual birthday. I hope you had a great day! <333

Your Disney character is Louis from The Princess and the Frog! ("It didn't end well.")

You tend to have unusual interests and dreams that require persistence and ingenuity to accomplish. For that reason, you will travel far to achieve your goals. Nothing makes you happier than sharing your talents with those who appreciate them. Although you make a commanding first impression, your true nature is loving and gentle. You are a loyal and protective friend.

Magical Gifts: Louis bestows the gifts of passion, resourcefulness and joy. He will help you develop your skills and figure out the best way to bring them into the world.

Keys To Your Success: Taking advantage of the opportunities all around.


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