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I'm Martha! <3

While occasionally lead by your heart, you have an enormously practical head on your shoulders, and are extraordinarily loyal, which means you can be relied upon to fulfil any task to the letter, no matter how personally inconvenient it may be. Guns, bandages, science, amorous playwrights from the past, there's little you can't handle.
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So I wrote some Loki/River Song last night. Don't ask me why. You can find it here on my writing LJ. The good news is that you don't need to have seen The Avengers to read this as it takes place before the movie (though post-Thor).

Read and review, please!
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Okay. Deep breath. I'm going to try and be as objective as possible. *wrestles fangirl back into her straight jacket*


"We're looking at writers now. We're going to spend two to three years to get it right," he said. "It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena."

Uh huh. Okay. This seems fair, as it can be quite frustrating to have films that would have been great as tv episodes but are overstretched to meet the standard feature time. (Although you could just make a SHORT film.) I am a bit leery of the implication that DW doesn't translate well to the big screen in general but okay.

"Doctor Who" follows the adventures across space and time of a super-intelligent alien in human form, who battles a variety of cosmic bad guys aided by plucky human companions.

The Doctor doesn't go looking for a fight (unless you're talking about Ten in his Time Lord Victorious mode). He just won't run away from one. There's a difference.

"The notion of the time-travelling Time Lord is such a strong one, because you can express story and drama in any dimension or time," Yates said.

Yes! I agree! As long as you keep what made the character so beloved in the first place.

"Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch," he said.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Does this mean you're going to completely ignore what RTD and Moffat have done? I'm going to state the obvious and say that would be a BAD IDEA. Doctor Who has always been a show that's played fast and loose with its own continuity... but that is not the same as completely abandoning it. Unless Yates means something like Gallifrey Academy: First Class. I think I'm not alone in saying I would certainly be willing to give THAT idea some room (especially if you got Fassbender to play the Master and McAvoy to play the Doctor, haha), but I don't see the point of rebooting the TV series while it's STILL ON AIR and it's still doing the business when it comes to ratings/DVD sales/merchandise etc.

They already tried that with the DW movie back in the 90s. And the only good thing to come out of that movie was Paul McGann (and Sexy in her steampunk phase). There are so many things that could go wrong with this movie that I actually feel a bit sick contemplating the prospect.

"We want a British sensibility, but having said that, Steve Kloves wrote the Potter films and captured that British sensibility perfectly, so we are looking at American writers too," he explained.

Honestly, this is the part which really pissed me off. No, Yates, he did NOT capture it 'perfectly'. Making Ron say 'bloody' every other sentence and sticking 'mental' in there a couple of times does NOT mean he captured the British sensibility. You want proof? Harry Potter hugging people in the movies left, right and centre when Harry Potter in the books finds it hard to show any kind of spontaneous physical affection AT ALL! (It's not that he doesn't care about people; he just wasn't hugged after his parents died. AT THE AGE OF ONE. Excuse me while I have a little cry.)

I do like Yates as a director, but I'm worried about who's going to write the script. I think there are some good American writers out there. But they would have to understand and love the show. They would need to understand, in the words of Craig Ferguson, that this show is about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. Look at those last four words and then think of Hollywood. Do you think anyone in that town could understand that concept?
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Which Doctor Who are you?
Your Result: You are the Seventh Doctor!

Eccentric, mysterious, but cunning. You and your trusty umbrella can solve any problem, and you're always happy.

Some people don't like you because you're not serious enough at times.

You are the Third Doctor!
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Which Doctor Who are you?
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Quite chuffed. Seven and Five are my favourite Classic Who doctors. I think I'm more like Five but Seven is who I'd LIKE to be! *lol*
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I made another video! WARNING: this video is very sentimental. It may even be a bit of a tear jerker. A tribute to the love the Doctor feels for Amelia, his quest to fix the cracks in her world and his ultimate sacrifice (just because he had a back-up plan, doesn't make it any less of a sacrifice!).

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That's right, back with another one! This is a vidlet (the video equivalent of a novella) celebrating the relationship between River and the Eleventh Doctor in Series 5. THANK YOU to [ profile] teh_maskmaid who gave me the song in the first place and [ profile] jaded_jamie for... well, you know. ;)
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Take Which Doctor Who companion are you? (girls) today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You're Romana!

Silly Doctor. It's adorable, really, how hard he tries. And he is pretty brilliant, you'll give him that. But he always seems to overlook the obvious--including the fact that he's not the only Gallifreyan onboard, thank you very much. You are always calm and collected, and more often than not wonderfully witty, in the face of adversity. The Doctor knows he can count on you, even when you infuriate him!

Fuck yeah! I am pretty damn happy with this result. :D Next to Ace, she's my favourite Old Who companion. The only other Time Lord to ever be invited onto the TARDIS.
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My latest Doctor Who video! Not as beautiful as my previous one but I'm happy with some of the cuts and the last 30 seconds. The song is Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? by Paloma Faith. Please comment and critique!
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My favourite video so far. I really think this looks so much better and more professional (thanks to my discovery of fade ins and fade outs). Comments are welcome!
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One, in hindsight they are full of great big anvils about what is going to happen to Donna. The look on River Song's face when she realises who Donna is; the ending of Silence in the Library with Donna's face on the node saying "Donna Noble has left the Library; Donna Noble has been saved" when, in order to save Donna, the Doctor has to make her 'leave the Library' and basically wipe her mind of all the information she's acquired over Series 4; the fact that Donna spends most of Forest of the Dead living in a fantasy world because Doctor Moon has put her brain to sleep and how she will live the rest of her life with a part of her brain sleeping; Lux's statement that "a half life is better than no life at all" which must influence the Doctor where Donna is concerned in Journey's End. Oh yes, there are indeed rampant spoilers in these episodes, but you only see them when you rewatch.

Two, there is a massive love of reading and books running through the two episodes which every bookworm will love. CAL is a descendent of both Alice and Dorothy Gale, exchanging a real world for a fantasy one. The scene were the Node delivers the Head Librarian's message to the Doctor and Donna is an echo of the scene in Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf reads aloud the last days of the Moria dwarfs, ending with the ominous "They are coming." And they (the shadows) are coming. Doctor Moon telling CAL "the real world is fantasy and your nightmares are real" - come on, this is what every child suspects! Books can be more real to children than life because they contain superreality and truth and you never forget the books which mark your life and mind, whether they're well written or badly written.

Three, these two episodes ARE like a 'Greatest Hits' set for Moffat, but since they were written about the time he knew he was going to be taking over as showrunner and David was deciding whether to stay or not, I think they are like a showcase for him. Here is what Moffat can do: scary monsters; meta writing that isn't clumsy (the whole discussion on spoilers between the Doctor and Donna, then the Doctor and River Song); strong (if irritating) female characters; strong foreshadowing; multiple layers; bittersweet endings; moments of true horror - the moment where Donna's children disappear from their beds in the blink of an eye has to be one of the most terrifying moments in New Who, I went cold and I don't have any children; messages about the thoughtlessness of humans (the forest of the Vashta Nerada must have covered a whole planet in order to produce that many pages, and yet there was no research into the ecosystem and lifeforms of that particular planet, which also ties in nicely with the theme of planets disappearing) balanced with how humans can do great and wonderful things (River Song sacrificing herself).

Four, the Doctor is put in the position that Reinette occupied in Girl in the Fireplace: this mysterious person appears in his life, knows everything, won't share that knowledge. I think River Song was deliberately designed to be a little irritating: that's how the Doctor often comes across, jumping in and rattling off orders, telling everyone he knows best. It's a bit different when someone does that to him. And even though you get the repetition of "Everybody lives", it comes at a price. Unlike in The Doctor Dances, this time, people are not revived and reborn. Their bodies remain dead. The Doctor can only give them a half life, but it's still better than no life at all. Just as he will do for Donna.
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Here is my new Doctor Who video. It took a while to make because it's a) a longer song and b) I was using two episodes this time instead of just one. I don't think it's as sharp as my Master one but I think it has more emotion and I'm proud of the last minute and a half (the pairing of those images and this song is what inspired me to make this video in the first place).

Comments and critique are most welcome! I know there is still a lot of talky-face but at least I have learned how to slow down the video. :D
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Hey, look at that, it rhymes. Okay, this is a mixture of blow-by-blow commentary and proper review. I had to get it out there before Series 5 comes along because I had a brainwave on how to improve the Longest Regeneration Ever(TM). Namely, make it into a twenty minute introduction for Eleven. :D

This should be... SPECTACULAR! (but it wasn't) )

How To Improve The Farewells )
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Here it is, my second Doctor Who video (my second video ever, actually):

Mainly based on The End of Time Part One with a clip from Part Two. The banging on the oil drum was my attempt to show the constant drumming inside the Master's head. I know that the timing is a little out in places but I just didn't have the energy to mess around with that any more. I think the editing is tighter than my first one and there are less ghost frames. And [ profile] hollywoodgrrl, I know you said that talky-face was more for crack videos, but since it's the Master and Part One was nearly pure crack any way, I thought I could get away with it. ;)

Comments and criticism welcomed!
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This is my first ever fan video. As such, it's a little bit ragged around the edges and the editing is not perfect, but I'm still proud of it. I would love comments and constructive criticism.

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Requiem Per Una Signora Nobile or How The Children Of Time Found Out What Happened To Donna Noble

Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. )

Okay, this is the first DW fanfiction I've ever written and I'm a little nervous. I know it's ragged around the edges and some of the characters are OOC, but all in all, I'm satisfied with the first effort. And [ profile] nell_aria, I realise the title may be rather bad Italian. ^^; Let me know if it works or not. The cut text is from River Song's speech at the end of Forest of the Dead, which I slightly paraphrased for Sarah Jane.

Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. I own nothing.
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I knew someone would upload videos! It's just the second part with John & Russell together, but that's all you girls are interested in, right? ;)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine
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Just been to Cheltenham Racecourse to see RTD and John Barrowman being interviewed about DW, TW and some other things, but most DW and TW. Rather frustrated at first, as I missed the shuttle bus up to the racecourse (there was NO indication on the tickets or the brochure where the bus would be). Fortunately, the taxi was cheap. Then we were all milling around on the ground floor of the meeting hall, and when the doors opened, they announced that people with A-J on their tickets should go upstairs. For God's sake! Why didn't they say that five or ten minutes BEFORE the doors opened? Or even put a sign up? Really poor organisation. The interview itself was loads of fun. I swear John has a portrait somewhere that gets older and older while he gets younger and younger. You just start him up and let him go on talking.

My personal highlights:

Caitlin Moran saying that she'd been at script meetings where someone had pointed out an enormous plot hole and Rusty had said, "Oh that doesn't matter, we'll explain that with one line!" I almost put my hands over my face, thinking Oh Rusty...

Russell talking about Russell Tovey, who played Midshipman Frayne in Voyage of the Damned, being talked up as the new Doctor and describing his agent "doubling his fee".

The story of hiring John Barrowman and what he walked in on.

John & David's farting contests. Apparently they can both fart at will and have farting contests on set. They have apparently come to the conclusion that David's smell and John's don't. And John has a crush on David, but I think we all knew that. ;)

John's version of camping ("My family doesn't go camping. My mother's idea of camping is a Holiday Inn and my idea is this: *does an effete dance routine with hand waving*")

Russell being bitchy to John about his book.

John being asked about Botox and telling the man to piss off (no, I'm not kidding), with the biggest smile on his face.

During the Q&A session, John saying "I'll do the young man over in the second row" and then saying "I have no idea why they're laughing" as everyone sniggered.


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