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Fandom March Madness is back!

We're down to the Final Four!

Hermione v Leslie Knope (from Parks and Recreation)

John Watson v Donna Noble

Hermione really needs all the help she can get against the Leslie stans. Please consider giving her your support. As for John v Donna... well, I can't help you there.

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Newest fic, a crossover between Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Don't judge before you read it.

Once upon a time, the Doctor said no.
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For those who just want to read what I though about Deathly Hallows: Part II and Much Ado About Nothing with Tennant and Tate. (OH YES.)

DH Part II - what I didn't like )

DH Part II - what I did like )

WTF moments )

Really, one of the things that bothered me most was the simplification of the characters (Petunia, Lavender, Snape, and DUMBLEDORE) but that has been a problem throughout the series and is sometimes unavoidable when you're compressing literature into a film. I'm glad I went to see the film and would like to see it again to spot the things I missed.

Much Ado About Nothing )
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08. Your favorite ship(s)

Um, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks and Luna/Rolf! Yeah, all the canon ones. :)
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07. Song that reminds you of HP

Holy crap, this song has always reminded me of the Weasleys and there's actually a video to it! :D

I was introduced to this song by this video and now it's become a Snape anthem for me.

This one stays because I found the song through this video and now it is the permanent soundtrack to this chapter for me.

The Trio - Little Wonders

Harry himself - Anything But Ordinary

Hermione Granger's theme song

Ron Weasley's theme song

Ginny - Stone Cold Sober by Paloma Faith (skip to 0:37 for the beginning of the video)

Luna Lovegood's theme song

Neville Longbottom's theme song

Dumbledore - Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

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06. Your favorite character(s)

The Trio. I love all of them (I find it hard to understand how people can read the HP series while hating the main character or Ron or Hermione). Plus Ginny, Neville and Luna, especially interacting together. As for the adults, McGonagall, Sprout, Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus and Tonks, plus Scrimgeour. I love Scrimgeour because he's such a delicate shade of grey.
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05. Wizard Rock: discuss

I'm not sure I can, because I'm not really into wizard rock. I've heard some songs by Ginny and the Weasleys and Remus and the Lupins and I liked them.

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04. Your favorite movie

Still Order of the Phoenix and it's probably not a coincidence that this is the only one not adapted by Steve Kloves. Ron and Hermione are given equal treatment, I cannot state this enough. The scene where Harry wakes from a nightmare to find Ron watching over him is one of the best moments in the series. The film really captures the gloomy atmosphere of the book, Goldenberg does a good job of capturing the main plot points, Imelda Staunton is perfect as Umbridge and Evanna Lynch IS Luna Lovegood. I really hope that one day, we'll be able to see the director's cut (because the original film was THREE HOURS LONG). Deathly Hallows Part I comes in second, though.
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gakked from [ profile] stmargarets

Doing the first three days at once as I missed them. *headdesk*

01. Discuss how you got into Harry Potter

I remember standing in Ottakars (back when it still existed), staring at the first book, thinking that I'd heard some good things about the books. I couldn't get past the first chapter and so I put it back. Then I tried again... and put it back. Then I tried a third time, got to the chapter where the owls started arriving and decided to buy the book. I spent most of the family holiday in my room, on my bed, devouring PS and CoS.

02. Your favorite book

It varies between Prisoner of Azkaban for the perfect endgame and Order of the Phoenix for CAPSLOCK!Harry, badass Ginny, badass Neville and the introduction of the amazing Luna.

03. What house would you be in?

Well, every time I've done a test, I've been Sorted into Gryffindor. I always think I'm more of a Ravenclaw, but I would probably get fed up with just analysing things, so maybe the tests are right. I'm more of a McGonagall/Hermione Gryffindor.
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[ profile] stmargarets gave me these five questions

1. Which of your user names is your favorite and why?

2. If you could interview anyone - dead or alive - who would it be and what would your first question be?

3. What was the last thing you ate today?

4. Describe an ideal day.

5. How did you get into the HP fandom?

Answers Underneath The Cut )

I saw Deathly Hallows Part I for the second time yesterday, alone. This time I had an opportunity to concentrate on the details. I love all the things they put in the newspapers which will only be spotted by people who've read the books. Oh wait, that sort of applies to the movie as a whole, doesn't it? *cough*

Emma Watson has finally tamed her eyebrows and I was really happy with her performance, it's probably her best since... well, I'd say OotP. I get really fed up with how the films characterise Hermione as the proactive one while Harry and Ron hang back (what books were they reading?) but it was FINALLY okay, because that's actually how she is in this book. I just wish they hadn't made movie Harry so damn passive! And that goes double for movie Ginny! Why did Kloves write Harry like that? Daniel's certainly not quiet in real life, he bubbles over with energy! Did someone somewhere mistake quiet intensity for meekness? I don't know. Daniel is brilliant as the Seven Potters, he seems more at ease with the comedic scenes (though there aren't many in this movie). Rupert Grint's pretty fantastic in this movie. Previously, it's always seemed to me like he grabbed every dramatic scene he was given with both hands, so DH Part I is a golden opportunity for him. Yeah, yeah, I'm a Rupert fan but I think general opinion backs me up. Of course I admired just how broad his shoulders have become and his physicality in general, but more importantly, he finally had a script that gave him some proper snarky lines and some edge. It seems like the filmmakers finally remembered that Ron and Harry are best friends. When was the last time we had a proper Ron/Harry scene in the films? If you're not counting the brilliant but wordless moment when Harry awakes from a nightmare in OotP and sees Ron watching over him? I'm having trouble remembering.

Yes to Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour, though I feel like the character didn't have as much impact as I wanted, because once you take away the tension with Harry, he becomes just another Minister for Magic. He actually came across as sympathetic in the talk not pressured and aggressive. I've seen people complain that the camping sequence was like an advertisement for Visit Britain but I'm not sure they would show bleak clifftops and the underside of the Severn Bridge, an abandoned caravan park and a ruined power station. The whole point about the locations is that they emphasised the trio's isolation, both as a group and as individuals, and the increasing deterioration of Ron's mental state. There is absolutely no sound in Godric's Hollow, which adds to the eerieness and the Nagini scene was almost unbearable to watch. There's a shot when Harry first lights the candle in Bathilda's cottage where her eyes are completely black and it made me shiver the second time as well as the first. Even if they did cut very carefully around Nagini's 'exit' from Bathilda, there was enough left in there to give you the gist of what was going on. Oh, I also love that when Ron comes back, the SUN COMES OUT for the first and last time in this movie! I don't think that was planned - you can't plan the English weather - but it made me want to laugh. Yes, we get it, Ron is back and things are looking up! Still, I did love that moment. However, if Hermione tying that scarf around the tree was supposed to be a clue that they'd buried Mad Eye's eye - they needed to make it a hell of a lot clearer. I just thought she was trying to show Ron they'd been there!

I think it's probably my second favourite adaptation. We'll see if Part II keeps up the standard.
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First Matthew Lewis turns into the next James Bond: Click for Eye Candy

Now Harry Melling's gone and done it (Harry plays Dudley): Unrecognisable!

Who's next, I wonder?
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Walking home today after work, I spotted two boys riding a bike. One of them was peddling and the other was standing on the spokes of the back wheels and holding onto his brother's shoulders, with a Sainsbury's plastic bag (which was orange, of course) on one arm. They were both golden redheads, and the one peddling was wide and muscular, with curly hair, while the one standing up was lankier, with longish wispy hair. Oh my God, Charlie and Bill! I thought, because it was such a Weasley thing to do! Reckless and yet breathtaking. (They weren't going fast, though, the peddler was taking it easy because of his passenger.) I could just imagine Charlie and Bill cycling down to the village shop on an old bike their Dad brought back from the MoM, then enchanting the pedals on the sly so that Charlie didn't actually have to do any work!

I went to Glastonbury for Easter. God, I love that place. This is the second time I've been there but the first time I could actually wander about at my own pace (first time I was with my family and therefore I didn't have as much choice about what we did). I visited the Chalice Well Garden, even in the rain that place is filled with serenity. The Glastonbury thorn was almost but not quite in bud. I sat by the well, listening to the rain, and then sat in the Angel's Seat (a bench that has an angel's face carved out of the stone and is sheltered by a bower of honeysuckle) and listened to the birds talking around me. (For [ profile] gipsy_dreamer, there was a male blackbird, a female blackbird, and something which I thought was a greenfinch, but which, looking at illustrations, might actually have been a siskin! And of course, a resident robin, which was very curious about me and came extremely close, peeping at me as I whistled. <3) I wanted to climb the Tor again, but decided against that as it was rather wet and slippery. I had dinner in Cafe Galatea, which is a vegetarian cafe that's open until 11pm! In the UK! Almost unheard of. I will be going back again soon. Somehow. Although I might just be visiting this time, instead of staying, because the bus went through Wells on the way there and Wells is RIDICULOUSLY pretty. I need to investigate this city, stat.

Trying to get my life in order. Trying to finish unfinished projects. Success to be determined. Watch this space.
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My laptop has given up the ghost and the hard drive will have to be wiped.

Exiles fans: don't worry, I still have the beginning of Chapter Eight in my head and can easily put it back on the screen.

Watching for Wolves fans: I'll get back to you as soon as I find my flash drive/dongle/whatever you want to call it. Either way, an old version of Part VI is still on my PC at home so I can use that.

I'm mainly frustrated because I wanted to finish December 2006 for [ profile] sm_monthly and start on finishing my Ceres-in-the-past epic for January (aka the looking glass world).


Happy Birthday to any friends I may have missed while out of contact.
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David Heyman is not a smart arse, just "dead clever"

Chris Evans says so. Go David, go David, go David.
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I was reminded that yesterday was the one year anniversary of the publication of Deathly Hallows. It was also the weekend when the floods became really serious and I came back to a house with no running water and, for two days, no electricity. I didn't talk about that much at the time because... well, I didn't see the point. Very British of me, I suppose. The managers at my work were amazing: they stocked in preparation for the worst and had baby wipes, food, perishables, everything for us. People who still had running water offered us their baths and showers and their washing machines. The managers also arranged for us to take a minibus to a leisure centre in Swindon (neighbouring county) and have showers there. Looking back, I wonder why I wasn't more upset. I'd been in Gloucester for less than a month when we were flooded. It took a month for things to get back to normal for us. Some people in Tewkesbury, which was worse off, have only just moved back in. Some are still living in caravans. I was lucky, since my sister lives in Bristol, just an hour down the train track but unaffected (despite living on the mouth of the Severn!). I probably used all her hot water with my washing and my shower.

For all my HP friends on the flist, what are your memories of 21/07/07?
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Am I the only person finding all the fuss about this absolutely hilarious? My favourite comments so far:

It should be "Once again, Harry, I must ask you to do the impossible AND FIND ME THE FREAKING **REAL** TRAILER BEFORE I DO SOMETHING REALLY BAD!!!"

Movie spoiler )

Generally, the feeling seems to be "WTF, FIFTEEN SECONDS, IS THAT ALL?!" I know there are no more books coming out but there's no need to get quite so worked up, dears.
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I was just looking through the original Percy thread on Seen and Unforeseen, the pre-HBP discussion forum on The Sugar Quill and discovered this in one of my posts.

I totally forgot I wrote this )
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Right Here, Waiting

For Alexis Cartwheel

Sorry that it's so late )
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I woke up late today for the coach, but I needn't have bothered, as it didn't arrive until five minutes after 07:10. The journey was fine, but they need to do something about their reservation system, as there weren't enough seats when we got to Swindon and some people couldn't get on (the coach seated 49 people), so we had to miss out Reading completely. At least this meant we arrived at Victoria twenty minutes early. I had to queue for ten minutes just to get my travelcard! I seemed to be around a lot of Spanish and French people today, not sure why. Oh wait, I'm in the capital now, that's why. :)

[ profile] dogstar101 kindly gave me some toast, as I hadn't eaten anything except an apple and had some water. Then we went to have lunch at Strada, she showed me the official entrance to the Ministry of Magic and I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum to find something for my mum's birthday (my sister and I are buying her a new mobile phone, but I want to get her something just from me). Then I met her at Tate Britain and we saw the Turner Exhibition. It's the first time I've been there (this is the original Tate Gallery, as opposed to the Tate Modern) and it reminded me oddly of El Prado in Madrid in its look and situation. The exhibition was amazing: a lot of the pictures were only sketches or preliminary drawings, but with only a few brush strokes, Turner can create an immediate sense of dawn or dusk and the rolling mass of the sea. His paintings of Venice are particularly amazing because of the way he captures the way the light moves on the water and over the buildlings, how the buildings seem to melt into the water, as if the whole city is one big mirage. The big celebration for this exhibition is that the Tate Britain managed to acquire The Blue Rigi, one of Turner's most famous and most important Italian watercolours, for public viewing. The use of blue in this painting is, naturally, very impressive.

Then we decided to go and have a look at the Curzon cinema in Soho, which required walking down Tottenham Court Road to Shaftesbury Avenue. We passed by the Palace Theatre, which is currently hosting Spamalot, the Monty Python musical. I pointed it out to her and said I'd like to see that. She said that she'd been thinking about it, too, and after some humming and hawing, I decided we should go and see if there were any tickets available. It turned out there were, right in the centre about six rows back from the stage (the floor is sloped, so no problems with viewing). So I bought them, because I'm on holiday and I haven't seen a musical in years and I deserve a treat, damn it. We went and had supper at a nice little restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue, then came back for the musical. Now, [ profile] dogstar101 must have some kind of Harry Potter magic because not long after we'd sat down, she leaned over and said, "That man in front of us really looks like Alan Rickman from the back?"

"You think that's Alan Rickman?"

"No... just looks like him."

But apparently she was more suspicious than she let on, because she kept looking at him throughout the first act. And then, at the interval, he gets up and turns around and [ profile] dogstar101 goes into shock. I don't see him, because I'm not looking, so we spent the entire interval waiting for him to come back, with [ profile] dogstar101 worrying that he might not come back, even though I told her it would be so rude of him to walk out half-way through. It's very hard to look for somebody without showing that you're looking for them, but I just about managed to catch a glimpse of his face and IT WAS ALAN RICKMAN! We were now both in shock, sitting there and trying to rein in our excited fangirl instincts. Fortunately, we were aided in this by someone who came up at that very moment and asked him for an autograph. The man is trying to enjoy a night out at the theatre, why do you have to go and do that?! It's not like she was obnoxious about it or anything but it still embarrassed us both.

Spamalot was very good, especially all the mocking of musical conventions (and the scene at the end with the Lady of the Lake's name was priceless). The scenes with the Black Knight and the Killer Rabbit were, naturally, the best ones. And Peter Davison was King Arthur. Seriously, can you get any better? Doctor Who and Professor Snape in the same room. How lucky were we?! And at the end, there was a massive explosion, with gold, silver, yellow and white confetti showering down on those of us in the stalls. And I mean massive. We almost drowned in the stuff, it was so thick!


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