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Currently looking for new jobs. I've applied for one in Buckinghamshire, so I'd have to move if I get it. I'm nervous about moving but the job sounds ideal - translation checker and proof-reader, with potential to become a junior translator. I should also apply to translation companies here and see if I can get in, to stop me having to move. Still exercising and trying to lose weight.

Watching: Sailor Moon Crystal and the new Doctor Who (soon).
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For those who wonder where I've been and why I've suddenly popped up again, I have been posting, but the posts weren't coming up on your flist. I posted a question about this. I got the usual response of "you need to mark the post at the top of your LJ 'Out of Date Order'". Thought I'd done that, but I checked just in case, and I had ticked the box. So I responded and said, "Yeah, I've done that, but I'm still getting a time error for new entries". Then one of the LJ administrators posted and said "It sounds like you're the victim of a rare error where LJ doesn't recognise the post is marked 'out of date order'." They told me how to solve the problem and apologised. So I wasn't being stupid and now the problem is solved! :D

Applied for my dream job yesterday: a position in a translation bureau that combines project management and proofreading. Wish me luck!
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Today, frankly, sucked until this moment. I woke up late (my fault for switching off the alarm), was late for work despite taxi because of horrible traffic, and had almost no money for lunch because of said taxi journey (usually, I would, but as I said, traffic). As for breakfast, forget it. And then I check my inbox to find out that the project manager job I sent my CV for actually got back to me.

*falls over in shock*

Okay, explaining a bit: this job is in Sidcup, Kent (only 37 minutes from Charing Cross station in London... if you have absolutely no traffic on the road, of course) and on loads of London bus routes. It involves liaising with clients and linguists (by phone and email), monitoring project progress, quality checking the translations, plus admin things like filing, faxing, photocopying, etc. and requires a person with a foreign language degree (check), computer literate (check) and with some experience of working in a translation agency or a translator for a large company (which I sorta do, the CVCE was big). Anyway, EXCITEMENT! This is only the second job I've applied for since working here (the first was a few weeks ago and they never got back to me). It's not like I'm desperately seeking something else, just... keeping my eyes open? Whatever, if I don't get it, I've still got a good job here.


Jun. 12th, 2007 09:54 pm
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Since [ profile] jules1278 nudged me and since I have good news:


It's in Gloucester (yeah, I end up going west instead of east, go figure) with Intercall, a company that sets up video, audio and web conferences. I will be an Operator, who connects people to the conferences and fields their enquiries. Now I'm looking for a room or a flat to share that's close enough to where I work for convenient travel, since I start on the twenty-fifth, that's right, a week on Monday.

I'm so happy to be getting out of this house and to have my foot on the first rung of the job ladder. I only hope that this won't turn out to be as painful as Luxembourg.
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SQUEE! I love the name Achaean. (I tried twice and got a golden ocelot each time.) We'll see if you change him. ;)

Today I went to a seminar in London about Living and Working in Spain. There was lots of useful information about what you need to emigrate to work there and the fact that there is a huge British ex-pat community working there, which was not a surprise. What was interesting however was that 25% of this community was self-employed. Concha, the woman who did the presentation, said she'd noticed that the British were go-getting like that. Although I do wonder if it isn't because they don't want to be told what to do by a Spaniard. I was sitting next to a nice girl called María. She turned out to be Spanish, but she's lived here since she was seven, so she's bilingual. Actually, she's trilingual, since she speaks English, Castilian and Galician (which is where her parents are from - biggest place there is Santiago de Compostela). She bumped into another first-generation British Galician while she was there as well but he had red hair whereas she was far more typically Spanish looking. Anyway, she was really nice and we had lunch together (in Marks and Spencers because she works there at the mo and gets a staff discount). We then had a nice rant about living with our parents and how the job market sucks. I've got her mobile number so we can keep in touch. I'm sure she'll get where she wants to go.

I got the latest volume of XXXHolic and five volumes of KareKano! I'm now up to Vol. 8, which is so great. I love Blackwells on Charing Cross Road. <3
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I didn't get the job. Got the rejection letter today. They found someone with more experience.


They said in the advert that the job would be ideal for a graduate with languages, which I am, then they hire someone with more experience?! What do I have to do?! Yeah, you can go ahead and tell me that you are 'confident' that I will find 'an excellent opportunity' to 'suit my skills' but that does bugger all for me! Why even bother having me back for a second interview if I just don't have enough experience? It feels like you screwed me over, even though that isn't really what you did. BUT HOW AM I MEANT TO GET ANY EXPERIENCE IF NOBODY WILL HIRE ME?!

I want to punch somebody right now. My only consolation is that it took you this long to tell me, which means that someone was fighting in my corner.
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GCHQ have decided not to continue with my application. That's fine, I'm happy I got selected for the test. I hope my friend Emma makes it. My dad seems more disappointed than I am. I don't know whether to feel guilty about that or not.

Wednesday )

Maundy Thursday )

Good Friday
Spent most of it sleeping.

Saturday )

Easter Sunday )

Bank Holiday Monday )

Cool YouTube Videos
The Founders of Hogwarts - any Harry Potter fan will love this. It's a really good video of the beginnings of Hogwarts, effortlessly combining clips from different films in order to portray the Founders. The films used are Pride and Prejudice, Tristan and Isolde, and King Arthur.

Harry's Potter Bohemian Life - clips of all four films set to La Vie Bohème from RENT. Sounds crazy, but it works, and it's hilarious.

We Didn't Start The Fandom - the complete history of Harry Potter fandom by the founders of The Sugar Quill, sung to the tune of We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel. Very funny.

Potter Puppet Pals 1 - Bothering Snape - hilarious animation of the Trio doing just what the title says - and suffering the consequences.

Potter Puppet Pals 2 - Trouble at Hogwarts - Voldemort invades Hogwarts! Oh noes!

Potter Puppet Pals 3 - P-P-P-Potions - now actually using puppets! Snape 'shares' his Potions knowledge.

Potter Puppet Pals 4 - Wizard Angst - possibly my favourite of all the PPP videos, even though it's very difficult to choose, but this one has some amazing lines. Takes the piss out of Harry's 'teenage' moment in OotP. "I'll WOUND you!" XD

Potter Puppet Pals 5 - The Mysterious Ticking Noise - Snape hears a mysterious ticking noise. The whole gang becomes hypnotised by the sound. Then they find out what it was...

Snape Angst - Snape runs Heartbreak Hotel!
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Okay, so this week has been a busy week. You already know what happened on Monday.

Wednesday )

Thursday (Graduation) )

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Monday: Go to London, have a wander around. Meet up with [ profile] godricgal and go see Catherine Tate interview David Tennant.

Tuesday: Nothing yet. Go to gym, probably.

Wednesday: Interview with Smallworld Translation at 11am. Possibly meet Jo on Wednesday afternoon for Equus or just for general chat.

Thursday: Graduation ceremony for MA. Meet up with my friend Laura, catch up, maybe discuss flatsharing.

Friday: Nothing yet. Go to gym probably.
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Okay, so yesterday pretty much sucked, as anyone who has read this LJ will know. Thank you to all of you who commented, it did make me feel better. Having said that...

First piece of good news )

Second piece of good news (some of you are really going to envy me for this) )

Then I went to the cinema and saw Becoming Jane. It's beautifully filmed and I was really impressed by Anne Hathaway (not just her accent but her emotion), even though Cassandra was meant to be the 'pretty' sister, not Jane (poor Anna Maxwell Martin was barely in it). I just wish that they hadn't tried to up the drama by putting in that elopement and the bit at the end... mmph. It didn't work for me. But it didn't spoil the film, either. James McAvoy was great, of course. It made me want to go and see Starter for Ten and The Last King of Scotland. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5. ^_^

Over Now

Mar. 22nd, 2007 01:44 pm
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So, bad news: I got laid off. Because I'm not experienced enough in card making. I'm really beginning to hate that phrase.

Good news: I have more time to work on my stories and I don't have to worry about giving notice if I get called back for any of my job interviews.
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Okay, first big news:


I went in for an interview last Friday at the Post Office, the Friday after I met [ profile] fellytone_k8, [ profile] nundu_art, [ profile] dogstar101 and [ profile] siftingseaspray and Grace has Victory, all from The Sugar Quill, the HP discussion board I frequent. I haved to admit, I didn't feel positive about this interview. In fact, when it comes to interviews, I'd have to say that I'm jaded with the whole process. I've had quite a few over the past year and a half, as those of you who've read this journal will know, and none of them got me anywhere, even those ones which I felt went really well. It was always the same thing: we've found someone better qualified/more experienced, even the one at Old Sarum, the first interview where I really felt that I nailed the job. I got the traineeship in Luxembourg without an interview, without even a translation test. So I was not feeling particularly chirpy or go-getting. I'd made a card to show the interviewer, but it was amateurish, glitter and stick on letters, not professional. I didn't even really dress up: a nice crinkled shirt, plus my dark blue velvety trousers that I got in Luxembourg.

Then I get to the bus stop and see Matthew. I have a long 'non-history' with Matthew, so I'll summarise. We went to the same primary school together, were in the same class because we're the same age, often got called up as 'examples' to the rest of the class, until his parents sent him to an all-boys school in town when we were about eight. After that, I didn't see him until we started getting the same bus to town to go to our separate schools. All of a sudden, Matthew was shy. He could barely look me in the face anymore. I was shy around him, too, the kind of shyness that paralyses you. I got better quicker than him, though, because I'm a girl. I could at least speak to him but he was still pretty awkward around me. Even after we'd both been to uni (he went to Oxford, because he's a clever git). I haven't seen him at the bus stop for ages because he learned to drive pretty quickly. Cut to Friday and he sees me and he actually takes his earphones out and starts talking to me. And we have a nice conversation. And he tells me what he's doing and I tell him what I'm doing. We both make jokes and we laugh at each other's jokes. I tell him that I'm not particularly hopeful about this interview and he tells me that I shouldn't worry, not with my personality (which is probably the first compliment he's ever paid me). And after the bus gets to town, we both walk to the Market Square and go our separate ways. And I wander off, thinking that was a wonderful conversation, and why does it have to happen when he's about to move up to London? Oh well. It's good to know he's finally moved out of adolescence.

So I get a phone call from the Post Office at 4.15, even though the interview isn't until 4.30, and I tell her that it's fine, I'll come over right away. At first it seems a bit awkward, but then we sit down and start talking and I can see that she's a bit more open to me. Then, all of a sudden, she asks if I can start next week, and I say yes, and I'm hired. Just like that. I walk out of the Post Office and wish I could tell Matthew that I got the job, but I tell my mum, which is the next best thing.

I was meant to start work on Wednesday, but I get phoned today at ten to nine in the morning (when the PO opens at nine) asking if I can come in today. If it wasn't my very first day, I might have said yes, but I can't get there within ten minutes, even if I could drive. If she'd phoned me even half an hour earlier, it might have been doable, but not at ten to nine, so I said no. I'm still going in on Wednesday to give them my financial information and be shown around. Then I start work properly on Friday.

Today, I get a call in the afternoon from Language Recruitment Services (LRS) about the possibility of a translation project manager vacancy in Witney, which is a small town two miles west of Oxford (with lovely Georgian buildings). So I say yes, of course. We'll see how that pans out.

Lots of love to my f-list, hope you're all doing well.

Title: Dancing on the Edge (sequel to Craving)
Author: Starsea
Theme: Reaction (OTP: Makoto/Nephrite)
Genre: Drama
Version: Manga (Crystal Tokyo)
Rating: PG-13

I choke on my tears )
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So, I had my interview for English Heritage today: I got up later than I wanted, only had a kiwi fruit for breakfast, but that was okay, because I went to the tearoom in town and had a nice lunch: a pot of Assam tea and Meditteranean tomato soup with bap and butter, while reading my current library book (The Secret History by Donna Tartt, just as good as I hoped). After finishing my lunch, I took the bus to Old Sarum.

Old Sarum

It's certainly a bit of a climb, but there are spectacular views from the top, and it was a sunny day today (hazy sun), with little wind (very rare on Old Sarum). I met Andy and Penny, who worked in the shop. Penny's surname was Brain, which made me wonder if she had to endure many Inspector Gadget jokes. They were both very nice. I felt at ease with them almost right away, which doesn't happen often with me, so I took that as a good sign. The interviews were actually taking place in a barnyard a little way down the hill (yes, a barnyard). So I made my way down there, met Beth and Natalie, and had the interview. I think it's the most successful interview that I've ever done - even if I don't get the job, I feel like I did all the right things. They certainly can't say that I lack experience! After all, I was steward at the Medieval Hall, which basically takes in all they're asking me to do it. It will be a varied job, which only makes me want it more: I don't like the same thing day after day, I learned that in my retail jobs. I like challenges, I have to accept that. I think I want a quiet life, but in reality I prefer it when I have to think on my feet.

I'll hear about it during the next five working days. *crosses fingers*

In other job news, a woman from the Post Office phoned me about an interview, but we keep missing each other. I keep getting her voicemail and she keeps getting mine. But then if she's going to phone me at half-six in the evening, I won't exactly be manning my phone, will I? I phoned her straight after she phoned me and got her voicemail. *sigh*

My period arrived a week early. Not too painful, thank goodness, but I'm never early! At least it came after the interview, that's all I wanted.

I can't wait for next week: I'm seeing [ profile] dogstar101 and nundu on Thursday, [ profile] godricgal on Friday! Woo, social life!

*hugs to all my friends*
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I didn't get the translating job in Paris: took too long to get both my CV and opening letter in French. I didn't get the proof-reading job in Gerrards Cross - probably took too long over that as well. Never mind: I've applied for a linguist position with GCHQ: for more info, see this link. Let's hope that I get an interview! I've also got that interview for the Old Sarum job this Wednesday.

As a Harry Potter fan, I love this entry: Pass It On

I'm nearly finished with December's themes and I've got a couple of ideas for January's themes as well. But for now, here's my ficlet for "Curse". I think I'm safe in saying that nobody else is going to think of this interpretation. XD

For [ profile] sm_monthly

Title: Density
Author: Starsea
Theme: Curse (OTP: Makoto and Nephrite)
Genre: General
Version: Manga (Crystal Tokyo)
Rating: PG

My cycle is coming on )
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Today I went for brunch with one of my oldest friends, Pid. Pid has a manipulative father: he's far more manipulative, far more often than my mum, so I knew that Pid would completely understand how I felt about yesterday. We drove to this wonderful restaurant out in the Nadder Valley (Nadder = name of river) called the River Barn and I told Pid about what had happened while she parked and we walked to the restaurant. We sat in a separate room at a big table, with a settle each to ourselves (settles are great big benches with backs to them that you often find in country pubs). Having told her, I felt much calmer and we moved onto other things: pigments of skin (she's an artist), how to blend different shades to make a certain colour, the awesomeness of the colour green and how it goes with absolutely any other colour if you just get the right shade, the wonder of Assam tea and what had been happening to her in London. That's just a small sample. Our conversation has a wide range and we talk about things both great and small. It's the best thing about being such old friends: anything is up for discussion. We had a pot of Assam tea for two, Pid had a (proper) ginger beer and I had a (proper) lemonade. Then she ordered carrot and coriander soup and I ordered a toasted camembert and ham sandwich. The service was lovely and the place was empty except for another group behind us. Two of the people were speaking French, so my ear kept catching words.

Then, right in the middle of lunch (which was delicious), I get a phone call on my mobile phone. It's someone at Old Sarum, asking me to come for an interview.

And I'm back in the game.

(I confirmed when I got home that Dad had said none of those things. I made a comment about being "lazy" and he immediately asked who'd said that. Mum gave me a look that said 'on your own head be it'. I said that Mum and I had had 'a discussion' about my motivation. I could feel Dad giving Mum a look. No more was said about it. But she knows that I'm not going to let her use me again.)
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My new PC, which I've had for less than a month, is already malfunctioning. It's suddenly become very slow (even slower than my old one) and refuses to open programs, telling me that they all contain 'errors'.

I wouldn't mind so much except that it's a pain to keep backing up my files. -_-

In other news, I have been applying for jobs left right and centre, both temporary and permanent. At the moment, there are two language jobs that I'm applying for, apart from the work placement in France. One is a part time post in France, just outside Paris (PARIS!), translating IT documents for a company; the other is a permanent placement here in the UK in Buckinghamshire, proof-reading translations from French and Spanish, with an opportunity to become an in-house translation.

The thing is, I don't know what to wish for. I've finally got myself a little organised with regards to exercise and things and I'm going to phone up my friend's driving instructor and get that part of my life organised. If I get the job in France or Buckinghamshire, that means everything I've got here will have to be changed or put on hold: but both of them would be really good for my career (the permanent job especially). Any advice?

In other news, still finishing December, although I have managed to write one ficlet for January and have another one in mind. I don't why I always end up tormenting Haruka in my stories, but it seems to be a pattern. I must be more like Michiru than I thought.
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Last week I got two of the best pieces of news that I've had in a long time. A long time. I will start with the purely amazing news first, for those of you who don't have any instant messaging programmes or who aren't reachable by text.

I've been waiting so long... )

Now for the next piece of news (contains swearing):

I watch you burn with a smile on my face )

What Is Your Battle Cry?

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"Hail the blood-letting! I am on a crash course with bloody destiny!!"

Find out!
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I completely approve of this. XD
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Since [ profile] stmargarets said that I haven't really posted much about myself lately, here's an entry to tell you what I've been doing. I have to say that the voices on Leaky Mug #4 are really annoying me. They all sound like they're on a sugar high.

I've been procrastinating. I really should be working more on my dissertation than I am, but I have so many things I want to do that I end up doing none of them. Does that sound familiar to you? I have the second James/Lily story, which needs maximum concentration, but I can't do that because my conscience keeps nagging me about the dissertation. I am planning Part IV of Watching for Wolves, but I haven't actually written anything down yet. More procrastination. I suppose what is really bugging me is that I still don't know what's wrong with Chapter Six of Exiles; my beta reader has been busy, I understand that. It doesn't stop me wanting to grind my teeth with frustration. I want that chapter back so I can edit it and put it up and get that done... then everything else can be put in some sort of order. Does this make sense? God, their laughs are really irritating me.

Portrait School )

I had an interview on Thursday with a translation company in London. For those of you who know London, this company is on Charlotte Street, very near Charing Cross Road, with all my favourite bookshops. The job itself is not a translating job per se, but the point is that I get some experience and get to know the translating world. If I get the job, I will be an Internal Revisor. Anyway, [ profile] dogstar101 kindly met me at Waterloo and showed me around the area. We then went to a café and talked a lot about our stories and the characters in general, especially Percy and his family position. Then I went for my interview. I think it went well, I tried to be as positive and focused as possible. I really want this job and I said so. Now all I can do is wait and hope.

After this, we met up in Culpeper's (the branch was closing down for some reason, which was sad, but I got three preserves for 68p), then went to the British Museum and looked at Rembrandt sketches before making our way to the V&A museum. This wouldn't have been so bad if the Piccadilly line had been working properly, but there were 'minor' delays, so the trains were packed. We finally got out at South Kensington and walked down the subway (noticing three little girls holding hands on the way, very sweet). The V&A was very impressive, very big and very tiring. We felt dizzy after five minutes, so we decided to leave and get something to eat and drink. There was a patisserie right across the road, so we went in there. It was very nice, although their supplies were running low. What we finally had still tasted very good. Then we caught the bus back to Charing Cross Road, got out just by Foyles (my favourite place in the whole world) and went in. I finally bought one book after much deliberation: 48 Shades of Brown by Nick Earls. Very wry and funny. [ profile] dogstar101 walked me back to Waterloo Bridge, I introduced her to the Embankment WCs and we parted company. The evening sky turned into a blue that you only get at the end of a perfect day. I really hope they ask me back for a second interview.

And there you are. All caught up.
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Another day, another graduate fair. This one was organised by the Careers Group, which is the careers service for the University of London, and it was held in Islington (nearest tube: Angel). Any Neil Gaiman fans will understand the happiness that gave me.

Day Diary )

And I have an announcement to make: today, I got my exam results. Not only did I pass, I got a Merit. :D This has made my day.


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