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Wrote a new Sailor Moon fanfic - The Silver Stranger for [ profile] sm_monthly.

We're relaunching the comm, so please check it out and maybe submit some stories for April or May? :)
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Title: Tea Ceremony
Author: Starsea
Medium: Fanfic
Theme: Fifteen
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Version: Manga (Crystal Tokyo)
Rating: PG-13

Sequel to Denial Is Not A River

I like pouring your tea, lifting
the heavy pot, and tipping it up,
so the fragrant liquid steams in your china cup…

I like to think of your cupped hands as you sip,
as you sip, of the faint half-smile of your lips.

I like the questions – sugar? milk? –
and the answers I don’t know by heart, yet,
for I see your soul in your eyes, and I forget.

Carol Ann Duffy

Welcome to the tea party )

Top looks something like this. See the link for Amaranthine perfume.
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Denial Is Not A River

Sequel to Morning Glories

Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected

Truth is a deep kindness )
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Sequel to The Green Fairy. Set just before Power Play.


Past the point of trying, I'm a dying breed.
Thank her for reminding me of all the things I've done completely wrong.


Brothers always come first )
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The Green Fairy

Sequel to A Hundred Spires. Comes before Power Play.

Then he drank opaline.

Memories and terrors beset him.
The past tore after him like a panther and
through the blackness of the present he saw
the luminous tiger eyes of the things to be…

The past shed its perfume over him,
today held his hand as if it were a little child,
and tomorrow shone like a white star: nothing was changed.


Nothing was changed )

Author's Notes: The dance Venus and Kunzite are doing looks something like this.
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Title: A Hundred Spires
Author: Starsea
Theme: Prague
Genre: General/Humour
Version: Manga (Crystal Tokyo)

Sequel to Breathing Space

Perhaps it really is a time for free men to be )

Author's Notes: The Domus Balthasar and Café Louvre are real places. The text comes from the poem August 4th Old Town Square by Anthony Blake, written when he visited Prague in 1968 after Czechoslovakia rose up against the Soviet Union.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] helensheep and [ profile] bianca_fiore! This is for you.

A sequel to this one.

They're writing songs of love, but not for me )
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For [ profile] sm_monthly

Title: Leave a message at the tone...
Author: Starsea ([ profile] sea_thoughts)
Medium: Fanfic
Theme: Gateway (March)
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Version: Manga
Rating: PG

You must forgive me )
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Set during the summer when the boys are staying at the summer house which belongs to Isamu and Xavier's family. Ken has decided to cure Mamoru of being a fashion victim using condiments. This does not go down well with our favourite fashion snob.

foooooooooood fiiiiiiiiiight )
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Title: Essentials
Author: Starsea
Medium: Fanfic
Theme: Little Black Dress
Genre: General/Romance
Version: Manga
Rating: PG

License my roving hands )

Title: Heartbroken
Author: Starsea
Medium: Fanfic
Theme: Mourning
Genre: General
Version: Anime/Manga
Rating: G

I'll never love again )
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For [ profile] sm_monthly

Title: The Empress and the Priestess (sequel to Seers)
Author: Starsea
Theme: Chastity
Genre: General
Version: Manga
Rating: PG

the exasperating female, who both frustrates and delights, because her thought processes follow no rational development )
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For [ profile] sm_monthly

Title: Seers
Author: sea_thoughts
Theme: Tarot Card
Genre: General
Version: Manga
Rating: G

a sense of mystery in life, both things we do not know, and things we cannot know )
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For [ profile] sm_monthly

Title: Too Late For You and Your White Horse
Author: Starsea
Theme: Kaidou
Genre: Angst/Drama
Version: Manga (post Stars)
Rating: PG

(with thanks to [ profile] alizep for beta'ing and general feedback)

I was a dreamer before you and you let me down )


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