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Finally saw Thor: The Dark World and am even more of a Jane Foster fangirl than I was before, but also rather annoyed that we didn't get more Sif. Ambiguous about Frigga's fate. People who complain about Loki's storyline in the film seem to miss the point that Loki always flirts with redemption but NEVER actually attains it, because in the end, Loki cares most about Loki.

Most of the second half of November has been taken over by Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Apart from Google debuting its wonderful Doctor Who mini-game (which I still haven't beaten because the last level always defeats me) and Yahoo turning its logo into the TARDIS, everybody in this country seemed to go DW mad yesterday. Absolutely loved Day of the Doctor. Moff not only made me happy to see David and Billie again but he even managed to make me love "I don't want to go" aka my most hated Ten moment. John Hurt was brilliant, of course, plus the long-awaited cameo from You Know Who. The screen practically dripped with money and it was nice to see the BBC didn't scrimp for once.

To be honest, I think my favourite thing about the whole celebration was Peter Davison's contribution The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. You really need to see this somehow, because it is hilarious, rampant meta, starring Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy with cameos from EVERYONE (and I really do mean everyone).

Have bought most of my big Christmas presents for the family already. Off to see Gravity this evening, hopefully it lives up to expectations. Will be making a Christmas cards post in the next week or soon.
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So I wrote some Loki/River Song last night. Don't ask me why. You can find it here on my writing LJ. The good news is that you don't need to have seen The Avengers to read this as it takes place before the movie (though post-Thor).

Read and review, please!

New Fanfic

Dec. 1st, 2011 06:52 pm
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Title: Twister
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13 (for menage à trois implications)

Be right back, I need some popcorn
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Newest fic, a crossover between Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Don't judge before you read it.

Once upon a time, the Doctor said no.
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Wrote a small fanfic set during The Wedding of River Song starring the Ponds. Spoilers for all of Series 5 and 6.

Let me know what you think.
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Click here to see my latest Doctor Who video

From now on, all fanfiction and fanvids will be posted to this LJ. I will still link in here, though, to make sure everyone's updated.

Please comment and tell me what you think!
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Just a sweet little vidlet about these two and their little bromance. The Doctor reflects on his friendship with Rory and how far they've come since the early days.
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"Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again..."

Team TARDIS and Canton are surrounded by the Silence, left whistling in the dark. Yes, I know this is a cliché, but I couldn't help myself! As soon as I'd finished watching the premiere, this song popped into my head and said that since I'd never made that video with the Haitian from "Heroes", I could make this one instead.
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Bla bla bla Doctor Who does not belong to me bla bla bla I own nothing

For [ profile] the_willows

Tinkering )
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Friends. The Eleventh Doctor has made it to the Final Four of MARCH MADNESS.

The Final Four.

He has beaten Malcolm Reynolds, Dana Scully and FINALLY, Buffy herself.

He's currently up against Veronica Mars. I know, it's a toughie.

Vote here
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I made another video! WARNING: this video is very sentimental. It may even be a bit of a tear jerker. A tribute to the love the Doctor feels for Amelia, his quest to fix the cracks in her world and his ultimate sacrifice (just because he had a back-up plan, doesn't make it any less of a sacrifice!).

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That's right, back with another one! This is a vidlet (the video equivalent of a novella) celebrating the relationship between River and the Eleventh Doctor in Series 5. THANK YOU to [ profile] teh_maskmaid who gave me the song in the first place and [ profile] jaded_jamie for... well, you know. ;)
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My latest Doctor Who video! Not as beautiful as my previous one but I'm happy with some of the cuts and the last 30 seconds. The song is Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? by Paloma Faith. Please comment and critique!
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My favourite video so far. I really think this looks so much better and more professional (thanks to my discovery of fade ins and fade outs). Comments are welcome!
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Hey, look at that, it rhymes. Okay, this is a mixture of blow-by-blow commentary and proper review. I had to get it out there before Series 5 comes along because I had a brainwave on how to improve the Longest Regeneration Ever(TM). Namely, make it into a twenty minute introduction for Eleven. :D

This should be... SPECTACULAR! (but it wasn't) )

How To Improve The Farewells )


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