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Fleet Foxes - June 2nd )

Cotswold Olimpick Games - June 3rd )

Here endeth Part I of my June Adventures. Part II will be up soon!
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Here's the infamous song meme where you comment and I give you a letter. Then you post five songs you love that begin with that letter. [ profile] teh_maskmaid gave me the letter C.

01. Crazy by Ray LaMontagne
Don't get me wrong, I like the original 'Crazy', but Cee Lo Green sings it from the POV of someone who has recovered from a nervous breakdown. LaMontagne sings it like he is in THE MIDDLE of a breakdown and what a beautiful breakdown it is.

02. Crazy For You by Groove Armada
Another cover. This time, I'm not particularly fond of the original but I really love how Groove Armada have transformed it into a woozy, slightly drunk love song.

03. Come To My World by Santana
This is on the Ceremony album (remixes and rarities) and I always feel like it should have been released as a single. It's a bit like 'Smooth' but has more of a sensuous vibe.

04. California Dreaming by Bobby Womack
Such a good cover that half the time when I play it, people have no idea which song it is until the chorus kicks in.

05. The Cave by Mumford and Sons
This song is so inspirational. It has over 60 plays on my iTunes and many more on my iPod.
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Hello everyone!

It struck me that I haven't written much about myself lately... so I will try and remedy that.

I got my sample sale package from Green Knickers today, a company that makes knickers (underwear) from organic cotton. I already have a pair of Green Knickers cycling pants which has a special pad to make cycling more comfortable (very good if I want to wear a skirt). The sample sale allows you to choose three pairs of pants in your size for £10 (which is a saving of over £5). I got two pairs of cream side-ties and a pair of bright pink high-thighs with an embroidered Earth on the front. :) I've never had side-ties before, so it's a new experience for me! Side-Ties

London: Three Days of Rain )

Cheltenham )

Mother's Day Weekend )

So that's my March. Currently obsessed with Fleet Foxes.


White Winter Hymnal

Lydia and I discovered a mutal love of Fleet Foxes when I was in London. And then, the Friday after I came back, I get an email from Ticketmaster. I see that Neil Young is playing in Hyde Park this June. I'm quite fond of his music so I click on the link. This is my thought process looking at the Saturday line up: Neil Young, cool... ooh, The Pretenders, love them... oh wow, Seasick Steve, excellent... ZOMG FLEET FOXES?!!! I called Lydia up, so incoherent that I sounded like Beaker from the Muppets and proceeded to flail all over my living room. Good thing I live alone, I'm sure I would have been sectioned if anyone had seen me. And the upshot is we are now seeing Fleet Foxes this summer. EXCITEMENT! :D
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Down Among the Dead Men by Findlay Brown

As soon as I can, I'm going to make a Pirates of the Caribbean video about the good guys to this song. I'll have to wait until World's End comes out on DVD but it will be good, I'm telling you. And then I will make a second video to a song called The Pirate's Gospel by Alela Diane for the bad guys. XD


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