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Sorry for going quiet. Thank you all for your kind words about my niece. She is growing all the time and becoming interested in the world around her and the people in it. Unfortunately, it turns out she is a little bit like me and doesn't sleep very much. When I was a baby, someone told my mum that this meant I was going to be very smart. My mother, suffering from undiagnosed post-natal depression and sleep deprivation, was not amused and said she would rather I be a little stupid and sleep more!

I went to see Elton John with my dad in June and we had a great time. Elton clearly loves putting on a show, which means you enjoy it even more. He lost his temper with a steward for telling people to stop waving their hands and ranted about it, but then changed his mind and apologised after the next song, saying that she wasn't in charge and he shouldn't have insulted her. He invited her up on stage so he could apologise personally. She arrived on stage and he hugged her and apologised. It's always nice to see someone admit they're wrong, doesn't happen very often.

I have recently discovered a new cinema in Gloucester, the Sherborne (which only opened this year so I didn't feel like I'd been missing out). It is independent, decorated in Art Deco style, with its own small free car park. Afternoon showings are £3.50, late afternoon showings are £4.50, evening showings are £5.50. Tea and coffee are £1. To give you a comparison, going to see a film at the chain cinema here costs just under £10 unless it's the cheap day, and that's with an online discount. This place is so cheap that I am determined to patronise it as much as possible so that it doesn't close down by next year. I have also told all my friends about it, especially those with children.

I have just signed up for the new Gym at the Quays, which is open 24 hours and costs only £12.99 a month. A whole group of girls from my office go there so I think I will be motivated to go because they'll expect to see me there, haha! I used to attend a Legs, Bums & Tums class on Wednesday evenings but that was cancelled as the owner of the venue was messing our instructor around with times and would put up the price for hiring it without even telling her. Unfortunately, the only options left were Monday evening, with the time often too early for me to make it, and Thursday evening, which is in a totally different location. I might try going to the Thursday evening one, anyway.

My Windows laptop has been fixed and I am going to try writing on it.

Much love to all of you who read this. <33
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  1. Went to my friends' dad's memorial service. The world and his wife turned up, which was great for their dad, but not so great if you wanted to talk to the family. I managed to say hi to both the girls but we didn't hang around for long. We stayed for the toast to their dad with the local beer and we had some hog roast and then we left. I finally showed my parents Rango and they really enjoyed it!

  2. Had my first mock driving test on Thursday. One major and six minors. If you get even one major, you automatically fail, but I expected that and thought I did pretty well otherwise. My parallel parking was perfect and I didn't ask my instructor for guidance once. I also learned how to emergency stop. However, two hours of my instructor complaining about her life and her marriage took its toll and I was on the point of tears by the time I got home. It didn't help that she was running nearly two hours late, so the mock started at 7pm instead of 5pm.

  3. It was my dad's birthday on Friday. I bought him the new Jools Holland CD by myself. We went out for a meal on Saturday at Da Vinci because he knows the owner-chef and we always get a discount on the total bill. I had scallops, cannelloni verde and panna cotta. Mum, Helen and I paid the final bill, which was £160 even with the discount!

  4. The Prague holiday is officially going ahead! Dad has booked the hotel and the flight. We are going on my birthday weekend, and we will be staying here. I am so excited, I've always wanted to go to Prague. I promise to take lots of photos, and this time I won't be relying on my sister to send them to me.

  5. Really happy that Doctor Who is back on television. I love Eleven and Clara's dynamic and can't wait to find out more about Clara.

Hope everybody is okay. :)
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Had one of the best Bank Holiday weekends in recent memory a couple of weeks ago. Had the Thursday and the Friday off because I went to see Michael McIntyre on the Thursday evening with my sister in Cardiff. I've never been to Cardiff before (never been to WALES before) so I was very excited to finally see the Severn Bridge and the Severn Estuary (which was beautiful even under the glowering clouds). The sat-nav managed to take us into Cardiff but didn't direct us to the entrance of the NCP car park, so we had to drive around in a huge circle. We really only found the entrance thanks to my sister's driving skills and experience, because it was TUCKED AWAY behind some houses. I wonder how anyone parks there considering it's such a major car park. Due to traffic, we only had time to eat a Burger King meal before running off to the arena (and it started raining) but the show made it all worth it. McIntyre is just as funny live as on screen (possibly funnier). There were points during the show where I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard. Stayed at my sister's for the night, then went down to see my parents for the weekend and did basically nothing, which was very nice. :)

Have seen The Dark Knight Rises (oh my God, I want to see it again); The Avengers (saw it four times, I regret nothing); The Bourne Legacy (mainly for Jeremy Renner, let's be honest); and The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield IS Peter Parker, Emma Stone was adorable, can't wait for more).

Currently planning my birthday weekend in Paris with [ profile] vifetoile and my sister. Definitely going to see the Musée d'Orsay this time, and the Eiffel Tower, and lots of other things! There will be photos because my sister is bringing her boyfriend's camera, and they will be GOOD ones this time!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] margaret67! I know it's the next day for you by now, but I hope you had a great time. :)

There's a song called 'Gloomy Sunday' and I think there should be a song to counteract that, but until then, there's just the title of this entry...

Today was a beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky, do you know how RARE that is in England?! In Britain?! (Obviously, this is a rhetorical question for my UK flisters, hope it was just as nice for you.) The sky was pure, endless blue from horizon to horizon and the sun beamed down on us. It was a perfect(!) bank holiday weekend.

The parents visited today, which meant I spent most of yesterday cleaning and making sure that everything was reasonably tidy. Mainly because if I don't clean, they will. Especially my father, who inherited housepride from his mother. My mother isn't particularly bothered about cleanliness and I've inherited her attitude. Strangely, she loves cleaning MY flat when she's here, though. I kid you not, she will do the washing up (without me asking, by the way) and wipe down the kitchen and happily change my bedding. She thinks she would have been good as a chambermaid or cleaner, as she doesn't mind doing other people's houses, just her own! The irony.

We went food shopping (again, I did not ask, but as I am broke, I was very grateful) and visited the big Sainsburys in Barnwood, which is one of my fave superstores of all time, as it always has what I want (the one in town is tiny by comparison but there are no buses to the big one and it would take over an hour to walk there and back). I finally sampled the new innocent kiwi smoothie, which I have been wanting to try ever since I heard they'd finally made a smoothie with NO bananas in (I hate bananas) and it's delicious. I'm in a bit of a dilemma over innocent at the moment as I am not that happy about Coca-Cola having a minority investment in the company. So what if Coca-Cola doesn't have any say in the company procedure, it's still freaking COCA-COLA, people. *sigh*

Then we drove off to Cranham, which is a little village five miles out of Gloucester deep in the Cotswolds and my rural heart just melted, because it is so beautiful around there. The trees meet in an arch over the roads, dappling them with light, and the countryside plunges into soft green valleys between steep woody hills. Cranham is built from Cotswold stone, which is a soft, pale yellow that just gets better and better with time. The pub we went to, The Black Horse, is up a sharp incline on a turn that is easy to miss. The carpark is beyond the pub, further up the hill, so you walk down to the pub and back up to the car (good thing, too!). You can tell how old the pub is by the stone hearth and the low ceilings, which actually made me feel tall. We ordered our Sunday lunch (beef for me and Dad, sausages for Mum), but they'd just run out of beef, so we had pork instead. It's a good thing I ordered bread for a starter, because it was quite a long wait, but the bread was obviously baked nearby if not on the premises and the butter was great. And when our meal finally arrived, that was even better. Mine and Dad's plate were filled with roast pork, new potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and covered in gravy. We also had a dish of local veg (cauliflower, carrots, greens and peas) to share. Mum had a trio of sausages and sweet potato mash, which was also lovely. In the end, I could only eat half of mine, it was so filling (the crackling was to die for). We decided to have dessert back at my place as we were so full. Dad had a bowl of honey and ginger ice cream (also made locally) and I had the rest of my kiwi smoothie. Mum had a mug of tea, of course.

This Saturday, I'm off to London to visit a language fair and then I'll see my friend Claire. There's an exotic butterfly exhibition at the Natural History Museum and then a Wallace & Gromit exhibition at the Science Museum. Yes, I am a geek. ;P Then seeing my sister on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.

If I can only just get through the week, the weekend will be fabulous.

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